5 reasons which make moto Razr one of the best folding smartphones

2020, the year of innovation and the folding phones are back in the trending section. Most recently, Motorola has released its all-new Moto Razr smartphone for the users. It is a premium segment flagship phone from the company as it is now trying to make a comeback to the smartphone market. There are few companies who all are now having successful folding phones, and Motorola is one and is making things fabulous in the range. If you want to have a folding phone then going for Razr will not make you any upset.
Reasons that make Razr a unique lovable phone
Big outer display 
The main feature which will attract you in a big way is its display. Motorola comes with a big and prominent display for the users. When you take a look at such a big display, you can see all kind of notifications as well as can read the messages from there quickly as well. The screen has the feature by which you all can easily control the music on your phone. With such features on screen, it is best for you all to go for it her.
The next thing that you all need to watch is about durability. The Razr smartphone from Motorola is made with plastic at the rear, and for that, it prevents from breaking easily. The phone uses the best material for the build material, and it gets water-resistant features a well. The phone comes with the inclusion of the nano-coating technology that is present inside. It means that your phone is resistant to splashing water or even drizzle.
The foldable display does not come with a centre crease
If you are going for the foldable phones, then you can see most of the phone has got the centre crease. But in the case of Motorola Razr, it comes with a high-quality flexible plastic display.
It does not have any centre crease, and in that place, it comes with the ingenious hinge system. It helps you in folding the phone into the teardrop shape, and it comes with the flat shape as well. Due to all these reasons, the display is better and ergonomic as well.
Stock Android integration
The phone comes with the stock Android integration for you all. Due to all that, it gives essential experiences, and users get a good one from here. Apart from that all, you all will get the clean OS which provides you with the minimal modifications that prevent the digital bloat. Moreover, the whole OS comes with the Android Pie, and it will be easily upgraded to the Android 10.
Hand-off feature between two screens
Earlier when Samsung brought its Galaxy Fold, it comes with a Quick display for you all. And it the same way, Razr too got the same feature, and as compared to Samsung, it got a big Flex View screen for the users. It means that when you are opening any app in a small screen and editing any message, you can switch to a big screen without closing the app and deleting the content. It is the best feature that you can get from here. But for now, the feature will work on limited apps only, and soon you will see a full integration of other apps as well.
So, these are the are top 5 reasons for which it makes the Motorola Razr a top smartphone in 2020. If you are in plan to get the phone, then it may cost you more, but still, the features and other additional features which include the camera are best in it.