How Apple iPhone SE Is The Most Affordable Smartphone?

Apple, from the beginning, is always known as the premium brand with all the features. Everyone ever dreams of having an Apple iPhone.
As the rivals are providing low-cost smartphones, Apple is now back with a bang. Apple recently launched Apple iPhone SE, a brand new design that looks the same as the iPhone 8 but performs the same as iPhone 11. Apple made a revolutionary move with the launch of the original iPhone. The phone is exceptionally sleek and stylish. The essential part of Apple is back with the home button on this iPhone.
It is the cheapest iPhone, which costs US$400. The last cheapest iPhone that Apple launched was the original SE. The original SE came with the design of the iPhone 5 and the processing powers same as the iPhone 6.
Why Apple came with an affordable device?
Many people must be thinking why Apple came with an affordable device that looks quite similar to the original SE back in 2018. Launching the cheapest iPhone is Apple’s one of the smartest moves. Most of the smartphone companies these days are providing low-cost intelligent phones that offer you high-performance. So, apple to mark its existence is back with a smartphone that performs the same as the iPhone 11. This affordable iPhone has all the things that you need.
Why is it the most affordable smartphone?
People who want cost-effective smartphones
Some people do not want to spend a lot of money, still want performance. iPhone SE is the best choice for the people who wish to brand’s trust and cost. The phone has nearly all the features similar to the iPhone 11. It lacks some of the highlights; it still is the best choice to get the speed and performance of the iPhone 11.
People who want to upgrade from their older iPhone
There are a lot of people who are using the older phones of Apple, such as the iPhone 6s or 7s. After using the phone regularly for five year starts showing some performance issues. Sometimes the older phone exhibits slow performance. In such a case, the iPhone SE is the best choice for you. 
The iPhone SE is of the same size that comes with some improvements like the newest chip, higher resolution of the front camera, aluminum design, water-resistant, wireless charging, portrait mode in-camera, and more storage capacity.
Who doesn’t want the large iPhones?
Portability is the essential specification that everyone looks for. iPhone SE is for them who want a compact phone with all the futuristic features in it. This phone is the same as the size of the iPhone 6s that offers you higher efficiency and performance. The phone weighs 5.22 ounces and is 74mm thin, which makes it the lighter iPhone.
People who love the home button
There are a lot of people who do not want to give up the home button feature of the iPhone. All the newest model of the iPhones no longer has the home button in them. To move to the home screen, you need to swipe the screen up from the button of the screen. With the launch of iPhone SE, Apple is back with the home button.
People who love touch ID
The newest versions of the Apple iPhones do not have the touch ID. The only way to unlock the device is by registering your face. Some people do not like the face unlock. Apple has come with a solution for its customers. The new Apple iPhone SE comes with the home button that allows you to unlock your device with touch or fingerprint.