About Us

Welcome to While You Wait Repairs

We at While You Wait Repairs are experts in mobile repairs and have a good exposure on tablets as well. Our experience with the services we provide in the United Kingdom has been great and the response is overwhelming. The location makes a lot of difference in such repairs and the center should have all hi-tech features to support the service being provided. While You Wait Repairs, 91 Golders, Green Road NW11 8EN is all equipped to take care of such repairs for mobiles. We have a team of professionals who are dedicatedly working on repairing your phones while you wait at the center.
We have different ways of getting your phone repaired on while you wait basis. These can be when you walk indirectly at the service center or get an appointment before you come in. The only difference is the wait time in both scenarios. Since you have taken an appointment a time slot is given to you so that you do not have to wait for a long time and get your phone repaired as soon as possible. However, in both cases you would get your phone repaired for sure while you wait for it. The other method is by sending the phone via post and wait for it to be sent back to you within a span of 48 business hours from the time we received your phone. You can make a payment for the repairs through the many available modes and complete the pending transaction. In such a case the amount needs to be paid in advance so that the work can be started.
This kind of service is the need of the hour as a lot of important data is stored on our phones and we cannot let them be away from us for even a minute else we may face many challenges. Keeping this in mind we have started this service to ensure that you get your work completed on time even when your phone needs repairs.

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