Repair Process:

Do you erase the data, while the phone is in repair?

Software repair usually requires a format, but it is not a regular feature, moreover even if It is required we make sure you give us the nod for the same. If you are sending your mobile phone through the post then the mobile phone is sent back the same day. However, it may reach you considering the postal process.

What kind of parts are used?

All Mobile phone parts used are either genuine or high and best quality parts.

Is the data in my mobile phone erased during the repair process?

No the data in the mobile phone stays intact and is not erased, but we recommend removing all memory cards and SIM cards before sending us your mobile phone

What all is included in the price I pay for repairing my mobile phone?

Except for cases such as Water Damage and Phone not powering. When you pay the repair price, you are paying for the following
Cost of the part to be replaced.
Service engineer’s charge for replacing the part.
Any or all accessories required for replacing the mobile phone part.

How are Water Damaged Phones and Phones which are not powering on repaired? Is there a different process?

In the case of Water Damaged Phones and Phones which are not powering on, the repair process is usually very tricky and tedious. Repairing phones with such cases are not done on while you wait or same-day repair basis. On receipt of such phones, we take the phone and properly diagnose the problem and part which needs to be replaced. It is only after a thorough diagnosis is when we recommend the type and price of the repair on the same.

For waterproof handsets

Once the handset has a broken screen there are some changes to the device’s geometry and therefore we do not recommend to fully submerge Sony or Samsung phones after screen repair.

Delivery Process :

How should I send my phone to the repair centre?

If you are in London and would like to get your Mobile Phone Repaired. We suggest you can Walk into our Mobile Phone Repair centre, which is situated at 91 Golders, Green Road NW11 8EN, Nearest Tube Station: Golders Green Northern Line
You can book an appointment at a time which is convenient to get your phone repaired by coming to our repair centre at the above-mentioned address.

If you are not situated in London or would like to send your faulty mobile phone, we suggest you do the same through post by following the process mentioned below :
1. Visit the link – and choose the repair for your mobile phone and pay for the same.
2. Print the invoice that is generated on this website.
3. Put your faulty phone inside a jiffy bag along with the printed invoice sheet and send the parcel to us to the address mentioned below.

Address :

While You Wait Repairs,
91 Golders, Green Road
NW11 8EN

We recommend that you use Royal mail service to send us your mobile phone and choose ‘Express delivery for the same, as it offers transit insurance of £500.00 against any damages caused in the transit.

How will I receive my repaired mobile phone back after it’s repaired?

Once the repairs are through, we post your mobile phone the same day through Royal mail using the plan you would have chosen at the time of buying the repair. We surely give out the tracking code for the same on request.

Warranty And Returns:

What is the warranty that would be provided for my mobile phone repair?

A repair warranty of 30 days is given for each of our mobile phone repairs, subject to no physical or liquid damage.

How do I claim the warranty?

Any or warranty claims shall be entertained provided the original invoice/receipt of the mobile phone repairs exists. You would need to send us a scanned copy of the same, along with the faulty mobile phone set. It will then be inspected for any physical or liquid damages. You can read in detail about the warranty and return back policy in this designated section.

Are you Apple Authorised?

No, we have chosen to stay independent from Apple’s Authorised Network. At While You Wait Repairs, we want to push our level of innovation within the repair industry by creating a new standard of repair service.

Do your prices include parts & labour?

Yes, all of our prices include parts, labour & VAT.

Will I be charged if you are unable to complete a repair?

At While You Wait Repairs, we work on a no-fix-no-fee policy. If our technicians are unable to complete your repair, you will not be charged for parts or labour.