The latest Android 9: All You Need to Know

With the upcoming changes from the arch-rivals, Google has also decided to launch the newest edition of Android, as Android 9 has begun its developer preview. There are many developers or people across the globe who are curious enough to put their hands on the latest edition and to check some of the unfinished software. Even with the mysterious name, many of us have started to come with different explanations behind that, but it is still a mystery. In the year 2017, Google proudly announced the version known “Android Oreo” which came up with a vast difference from the last upgrade, but it is believed that Android 9 will take it to a different level.

How to get the developer preview version of Android P
As the latest version was launched in the month of March, but the developer preview is only available to the limited smartphones which include Pixel, Pixel Xl, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 Xl. You can depend on several methods that you can use to you can run the latest version of your smartphone, but the easiest way is to run Android P on an emulator. Normal users should not download the newest version as one can face many problems which also include crashing of your device. There is an ongoing development, so it is suggested to wait until the latest update from the company.

The actual release date of Android P
As there is an ongoing development of the software, it is expected that the latest Android P software will be launched in the same month of August in which Android Oreo landed the last year. Google circulated the developer’s preview version in March and in few months’ time, the beta version will also be available for the users. The company has maintained the trend as Google smartphones will be the first ones to get the latest services and later it will be circulated across the stream.

First impressions of Android P
There are many ups and down after running the developers preview on the Google smartphone, but there are some small, but appreciable tweaks regarding the visuals on the initial setup screen which catches your eye. The freshness of the software feels from the initial screen as the text looks sharp compared to the other software, the menu screen looks vibrant, and there are some options which are moved from one place to another.
The digital clock has also moved to left part of the screen compared to the old-fashioned right-hand side, and the App notifications can also be seen next to it. The shape of the pixel launcher has also been changed as it is more of the rounded-off edge which is a minor change, but it compliments the overall look of the screen.
There were many questions which were raised against the display of the other updates, but this has been overhauled as the day and date has been removed from the screen, but it displays the notifications of different applications. Some changes have also been made regarding the battery as now you can check the percentage of it without guessing when to plug in your charger or not. It has also been believed that Google is also trying to make some more changes regarding the display of the new software.

When will the Android P will be available in all the smartphones
Although, the latest version will be available in selected Google smartphones with the coming month of August but all other Android users have to wait till September as the manufactures, and network operators also have to make changes and customize their own settings.