iPhone 12 Rumors: mmWave 5G May Only Appear On The iPhone 12 Pro Max

As of September 2020, the season for iPhone lovers, and all are waiting for the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 12 models. But before there is any official announcement, the rumors are spreading like wildfire among Apple fans regarding the mmWave 5G band’s use. In the recent leaks, it suggests that the company will be bringing a new iPhone 12, but the mmWave 5G band will be there in a single model only. Apple may introduce an all-new mmWave 5G in its latest iPhone 12 Pro Max only.  

What leak say?

As per a source, Fast Company, it is now citing that Apple will be bringing 5G facility to its most expensive model only. In the iPhone 12 lineup, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most expensive and top model as per the sources. The phone will have a nearly 6.7-inch screen, and with that, you will get features like the mmWave 5G band in it. It means that it will be supporting the 5G spectrum in an easy way. Apart from that all, you can find that it is the largest phone and it has got the largest battery as well for running on the 5G spectrum.   

For now, the company has got no plan to launch its 5G version iPhone 12 worldwide, and it has selected some countries only for it. The countries which all will be getting 5G Pro Max phones are the USA, Japan, and Korea only. These three countries will be getting the mmWave 5G version for now, and the band will be supporting nearly the Sub-6GHz spectrum for it.  

When you take a look at it, then you can find that it all comes in two variants only. There are millimeter-wave radio frequencies, which is over 24 GHz. Apart from that all, there are now the same sub-6GHz frequency bands currently used in 4G LTE networks. These wave components allow you to have the perfect high-speed fast internet services for you all. It comes in an extremely short-range way, and it may need cellular radios within a few blocks. Apart from that all, what is worse is this mmWave can’t penetrate windows, doors, trees, and many other opaque things. It is for that reason, and you can see it is slow in the speed of the internet. 

What do customers expect?

With so much in discussion inside the leak report, you can know that all lovers are now eagerly waiting for the launch date. It is highly believed that somewhat in the second week of September, Apple may launch its phone models. But for now, users are wondering about the 5G variants and how new technologies in it can change things easily. Many users prefer to use the same network frequencies in which they all use 4G LTE phones, and for that, such networks can further penetrate all opaque things in a good way. It also comes with better speed, and with the introduction of the new mmWave, it can improve things a lot.  

If you are ready to go with iPhone 12, then the phone has got some great specifications. Though all the specifications are from leaks, it seems legit, and if that is the case, then you must not miss the phone from buying. The phone will be coming with an attractive look, and the inclusion of 5G in it, it makes the phone one of the best phones currently. But as a user, there is no confirmation from the company about it, and for now, all have to wait and watch for it. The company will be bringing all new camera features as well for you all.