iPhone Repairing Solution :While You Wait Repairs


In today’s digital world everybody has a digital friend named as ‘Mobile Phone’.

This friend is actually more than a friend. It’s like a companion who travels along with you whether you go to railways, hospital, college, office or at home. Sometimes it acts a like a bankers by doing banking activities for you and sometimes it acts like a servant by doing your little tasks like booking train tickets, doing shopping for you, it can order medicine for you, it can feed you when you are hungry by ordering food for you, it awakens you in morning, it gives you update what is going around in world. Its your calendar, alarm clock, photographer, entertainment and also office assistant.

Have you ever think what will happen if your iPhone gets damaged or started giving you trouble.

Well, you know that iPhone can be repaired. Spending a day without a phone makes us think like we are lost somewhere in the world, means no entertainment, no talk or chat, no alarm, no update regarding time. So one needs someone who can repair iPhone in front of his/her eyes and that search ends here at while I wait repairs.

Let’s talk about while you wait repairs website. We offer a really great deal

of same day mobile phone repair, along with saving of time. It repairs your phone. It’s very easy to use our services. Just go to the website link and while you wait repairs click on it.

How we work

We are the mobile phone experts and can repair mobile and tablets. We provide our services throughout the United Kingdom. You need to book a time slot in advance along with the brand of mobile, model name and problem in the device. And visit on the time slot at our service center. We will fix your phone while you wait at their center.
iPhone 6 repair

iPhone 7 Plus £59.99
iPhone 7 £49.99
iPhone 6s Plus £49.99
iPhone 6s £39.99
iPhone 6 Plus £39.99
iPhone 6 £29.99
iPhone 5s £23.99
iPhone 5c £23.99
iPhone 5 £23.99

The new age is now shifting from smartphone to iPhone. However, these are not much difference between the two as an ordinary smartphone run on Android software while iPhone runs over Apple’s in-house built iOS which can be found only on Apple device. It’s a close-ended platform which has many limitations but you don’t need to worry as while you wait repair are there for any repairs.

We are having highly skilled technical staff that will repair your iPhone in front of you. Whether its iPhone screen replacement or iPhone’s LCD repair. We can do complete LCD screen replacement within 25 minutes while other service centres may take a little more time somewhere between 45 to60 minutes.

Usually, we return device on the same day but if there is an unavailability of spare parts then it can be delayed.

You can also send us your iPhone via postal service. It’s quite easy to send us a phone via postal service. You just need to print the invoice that you have received in your inbox and remove all memory cards. And put the phone in a bag and send the parcel to us.


While you wait repairs offers a 30 days warranty on all repaired item. But the warranty will be void in case of loss of original invoice or any mishap caused due to the postal process.

From now onwards, you need not worry as your iPhone doctors While You wait repairs are with you for any damages.