5 Features You Might Not Know On The Galaxy Note20 And Note20 Ultra

The all-new Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the new addition to the Galaxy Note segment. When you look at the models, then you can find that it comes with full of innovative technologies in it. These technologies will help you in your daily life. To know about the five features of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra series are here.

Single take experience 

In the new Galaxy series, the company has introduced the advanced Single Take experience. It is an AI-powered feature, and it will allow you to capture nearly 14 types of photos and videos as well. To capture them, the camera will take from 5 to 15 seconds. The users who all want to use the camera need to open the app and go for Single Take mode from the options.

After that, set the time for the camera and tap the shutter button on the screen. It will take the best capture clips after the time, and you can see it in the gallery.

Improved portraits shots 

As Single Take mode is a new mode introduced in Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you can see portrait mode too get upgraded. In this mode, you will find more time to shoot and can customize the results as well. If you look at the mode, you will find Color Picking Portrait mode has been added to Single Take. In this mode, you need to choose a background color and can make the subject stand out uniquely.

Searching for a high-quality Wi-Fi connection 

There are many users who all find it difficult to connect to a strong Wi-Fi connection in public places. To help the users in the best way, you can see that Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra come with improved Wi-Fi search connections. It means that the phone will help you get a strong connection and show all the login requirements and other connections easily. There are many times when you can see that the quality is poor and you can’t connect it. But gone are those days, and with the help of Galaxy, you can easily locate a strong connection and connect with it. It makes sure you get a stable and secure connection.

Sharing Wi-Fi with friends and family

Every home has got Wi-Fi and sharing password each time to every guest is frustrating. In the new Galaxy series, it helps you to decrease your frustration level by allowing you to put a request for Wi-Fi access. It asks permission from nearly field devices and people in your contacts. In that way, you can easily share a password or ask for a password from friends and family over new Wi-Fi networks.

Control watching the video with Bixby

In the new Samsung Galaxy series, you will see that it comes with more control over the video. If you love to watch videos on the phone with Bixby voice control, then it gives you more control to you now. You can ask Bixby to play it back or play it on TV and others and for that it gives a good experience. You can even rewind, forward, pause, and play the video by voice control.

Share songs easily

If you are a music lover and love to listen to music, then Galaxy is the one. It comes with new Music Share options, and you can easily share your songs with your friend. Apart from that all, you can listen to the song via Buds connected to the phone and your friend’s phone. For that, you need to turn on Music Share and select the buds for it.

These are the 5 Features You Might Not Know about the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra that you may have missed in the latest phone series.