How Samsung S11 Could Beat iPhone 11?

Well, the two of the best brand needs no introduction in the world of smartphones. You can buy any of the brands without any doubt. Apple caught up to Samsung in a way by finally offering fast charging on the iPhone 11. But Samsung has something big on the horizon in galaxy s11. You will be getting a new design and major upgrades from the galaxy s11 lineup, and Samsung could take back the position of the best smartphone.

Samsung is one of the few phone manufacturers that has a solid history of innovation. The galaxy s11 is Samsung’s opportunity to challenge all other smartphone manufacturers especially iPhone 11. Here are some of the things you need to know of the upcoming phone Samsung s11. Samsung will also be upgrading its processor in s11 for better performance.

Some ways where Samsung s11 could beat iPhone 11

  1. A Breakthrough In-Camera

Samsung is bringing out the big photography guns for the lunch of its next flagship. Reports have claimed that galaxy s11 will feature a powerful 108-megapixel camera sensor. Samsung is also working on a 64-megapixel sensor in case the 108 MP camera isn’t ready in time; even the 64 MP cameras will be impressive.

Galaxy s11 will also reportedly offer at least a 5x optical zoom via a periscope – like the design. So that the camera should be fairly flush, which will give a clearer picture to you with the rest of the design. But iPhone 11 is still stuck on a 2x telephoto zoom. Samsung will also improve its portraits in s11.

  • The New Version of Touch Id

While the iPhone 11 uses the face id for unlocking your device, some people miss the simplicity of speed of touch id. Samsung will take a step forward with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in s11. According to the reports, Samsung is planning to improve the fingerprint sensing tech on the galaxy s11 by expanding the size of the sensing care from 36 square millimeters to 64 millimeters, which the iPhone 11 doesn’t have.

  • A True Full-Screen Design

Galaxy s11 could offer a true full-screen design without a punch hole or notch. Samsung has been working on an under-display camera that could become invisible when not in use. So for that Samsung s11 punch hole will be considerably smaller.

  • 5g Built-In

Right now, we are not that high on 5g phones because many countries still are not upgraded for 5g network connection. But the 5g network will be more widespread by March 2020. Qualcomm’s upcoming snapdragon 865 processor will have an integrated 5g modem, which will make 5g offering more efficient and less expensive. As 5g networks slowly roll out across the globe, Samsung is future-proofing its devices – Samsung will make both chip and modem included in the complete range of s11 models. None of the iPhone 11 models offer 5g.

  • A Spectrometer

well, it very much sounds like science fiction. But imagine if you point your phone at an object to determine its composition. That’s exactly what galaxy s11 could do with its build-in spectrometer. A spectrometer will shine an infrared beam of light at an object and analyze the energy waves that bounce back. According to a recently revealed patent, Samsung is working on integrating a spectrometer into a phone. This will help users to figure out the nutritional content of food, including carbohydrates and fats.

These are few new features that will be coming with a new Samsung galaxy s11, which will beat the iPhone 11. Surely with these new features, Samsung will again take the right position beating iPhone.