Know the Trick of Sending Text using Your Laptop

How do you send texts to your friends and families? The simple answer is a with the help of a phone. What if your phone is dead and you need to send an urgent text? Is there a way out? Well, you can use your laptop to send texts to anyone. Yes, you heard it right. You can put your laptop or computer to use. Continue reading to know about the steps of sending texts from your laptop or PC.
Through Messenger
Your phone may be dead, and you have an important message to deliver to someone. In this case, you can use your Facebook messenger to contact the friend provided the person is in your list. This is for casual text messages. Bulk messages may not be helpful with this method.
What’s App
One of the easiest ways of sending messages from your laptop or PC is what’s app. For this, you need to install what’s app on your computer. You can use the web version of the application and contact people on your friend list. This is applicable for those who have what’s app on the same number you have. If not, this process may not be fruitful for you.
Message app on Mac
Do you have a Mac? If so, the process is quite easier for you. You can use the application “Message” on your Mac to send messages to someone you need to.
Web services
There are many web services too that you can use to send texts to your friend list. You need to check if the services are free or paid. There are a few websites that allow you free access for the first few texts and then you need to pay for the remaining. That is how it works.
Mighty Text
It is one of the best options of all if you ever have to send messages from your PC to someone’s phone. Let us know about the process of installing and sending texts through this app. This application is unique to Android users only.
• First, you need to launch Google Play. On your phone, install the application “Mighty Text”
• While you have installed the app on your phone, you need to visit After you visit the website, you will see a button “Install”. Click on that and install on your computer or laptop whichever is available
• After installation, you get a pop up of running the application on your system. Click on OK and let the application run
• Select Chrome for best results
• You will find a link that asks you to install the app extension
• As you have added the extension, you will not have to open a new browser. You can access it from the browser option
It is very easy to use. As you click on the application’s icon, you will see a tab for “New Message”. Click on that, type your message and send to the recipient you want to. Isn’t it the easiest of all the methods we have discussed?
Sending texts from PC or laptop is a tedious task. While using phone to do so comes handy. In case of emergency, you can follow the tricks and make your way through to sending texts to the person. One convenience of using PC or laptop for sending messages is being able to save time while using your computer for work. You don’t have to use your phone frequently and kill time. Try any of the techniques that suits you the best. We have shared options for all users.