Xiaomi: Know 7 Facts that you Never Knew About

We have been in love with brands such as Samsung, Apple, Moto and more. How can we forget one of the giants that ruled the world for quite a long time? That is Nokia. Is there any other name that comes to your mind when you think of a smartphone manufacturing brand in India and abroad at present? The name that has emerged as one of the greatest manufacturers of smartphones is Xiaomi. We completely agree with it. In a short span of time, the brand has established its name. There are many things that we may have not heard or known about Xiaomi. There are seven interesting facts that you might not want to miss. Read the blog and discover.

Apple of the East

Did you know that Xiaomi is also known as the Apple of the East? It may be intriguing to know but that is true. The only reason why it has been titled as the above is the look of the smartphones it has been manufacturing. It looks like the brand is inspired by Apple.

Jaw Dropping Profit Cut

The sole idea behind any business is earning a profit. This is also the major reason that drives the price market for any product we buy. The same goes for almost every brand but Xiaomi. The brand has been living up to the expectations of the average middle-class workers who can’t afford fortune to buy a compatible smartphone. The profit margin set by Xiaomi is 5 per cent, irrespective of anything.

World Record Holder

It was the website Alibaba and the brand Tmall that had set s record in the past. Alibaba’s Tmall brand begged the record of selling the highest number of smartphones in a day. This record has been surpassed by Xiaomi, the latest brand. Guinness Book of World Record has recorded Xiaomi and it is a moment of pride for the brand.

The Meaning of Mi

Well, Xiaomi is popularly known as Mi. People have literally made different meanings out of this and made it hilarious. What you may not have known is the full form of the acronym and the story behind it. The abbreviation Mi stands for Mission Impossible. That sounds too cinematic, agreed. The reason behind calling it Mi or Mission Impossible is the struggles that the company had to make way through to before the world could know it. That makes total sense now.

Word of Mouth

Unlike other brands, Xiaomi has risen to fame pretty sooner than one could have realized. What is the reason behind its success? Is it money drove or celebrity endorsed advertisements? None of these! What brought fame and laurels of success to Xiaomi is the word of mouth. One consumer spread positive words about the smartphone and this spread like wildfire.

No Store

Any brand that makes its way to the market from the warehouse has to have a store. This is to accommodate the interests and curiosity of people. The presence of a physical store makes it evident that the brand is visible, and present everywhere. With Xiaomi, it is definitely different. Without a physical store anywhere but China and Singapore, the brand has been able to attract people. This is also one of the reasons, smartphones come affordable.

Best Camera

Not an expensive phone yet the brand boast of its camera that has built-in technology. It makes the picture quality social media friendly and likes worthy. This may sound cliché but the fact is people nowadays click photos for uploading on social media. We know the expectations we have out of a selfie we click. Xiaomi gives you the liberty to get the best photo without taking many shots because each of the photos clicked will have the quality you need.

The brand Xiaomi came into existence in the year 2010. In the span of nine years, look where the brand has reached! Is there a person who is not aware of the name? We doubt that. It is a name that has built trust and value for money caption for the common men. Everything is going good for the brand. We need to wait and watch if it is able to maintain excellence throughout.