Top Reasons to Buy Amazon Kindle 2019

Kindle for all Your Reading Habits

Have you always been inclined towards reading books and spending your quality ME time? If so, then you must already have invested into one of the e-reading devices that are available in the market. The first ever e-reading device introduced by Sony and named it as Librie in the year 2004. However, soon Amazon introduced Kindle in 2007 and it had a huge response where everything was sold out in a mere 5 hours.

This result helped the company and the market know that such digital books were also trendy among the users. It was then spreading like , and many companies have come up with various features and versions of e-readers. But there has been none to compete well with Amazon Kindle. As usual Amazon Kindle has come up with the 2019 version, and there are many reasons for you to buy it. Let us look at why Kindle first and then come to its features.

Why Kindle?

Kindle never compromises on the quality and features it offers to the consumers. It has a vast content library which keeps the readers glued to their Kindles. It meant that with every new release of Kindle, you would see people upgrading to it. The bright and sharp backlight has made it crisp and comfortable for the readers to continue reading for hours at a stretch without much hassle. The touchscreen has many great features which makes it easy to use. Also, with the 4GB storage, it is easy for you to hold as many books you wish. You can also connect with many like-minded readers through the Goodreads social network and share the many great books and continue to increase your reading base and be the bookworm you like to.

Out of the Box Flexibility

You can always look at finishing one book and going n to the next one. It can be an ongoing process, and you could get all this and much more at a per month price for unlimited access. Also, you could order a physical version of the book from Kindle itself with a discount using the MatchBook program. Sharing books with friends and family is also possible. You can always start from where you last left reading and mark pages for reference as well. You can always look at great deals to continue reading the new and fresh content that appeals to you. Amazon ensures that its reader base still grows with time and they get fresh content each time they find new content.

Kindle 2019

The new Kindle at entry level is just like the Paperwhite and has all great features that any avid reader would want. This version is cheaper than the older version, and you can look at an upgrade quickly. It is not like the other devices where you get bombarded with ads that make your reading experience pathetic. You can always rely on Amazon Kindle 2019 to enjoy your favourite book and finish it on time. The new Kindle comes with a new magnetic fabric cover that gives it a little extra weight, but it also enhances the entire reading experience. You get to hold it well and also give it a nice snap closure for the old style finishing. When you compare it with Paperwhite, it is quite lightweight and has a sharpness attached to it. The battery life is just great, and this has always been a promising point with Kindle. You can enjoy your Kindle with a battery life of about six weeks. It is including intermittent reading and switching pages. You can always be lazy around but still, be on target to finish your book with the Audible where the book-reading experience shifts to listening for a while. However, the battery would be used a little extra as compared to the reading mode. Also, you can connect your Bluetooth device and start your listening experience. You can always rely on the Amazon Kindle for all your long nights reading habits as it can adjust to your lights and give you that ultimate reading experience you have been longing for so long. With all this and much more, you would not regret buying the Amazon Kindle 2019.