The straight competition between Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Who runs the race?


The companies are fighting for the spot which is not only limited to smartphones but for almost all the electronic products in the market. They do have the wide range of products and the latest one Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 which are quite similar in terms of the size of the screen, waterproof technology, and the software they work on. It all goes wrong when there were numerous incidents about Galaxy Note 7 for the Samsung and LG G5, who was not able to serve the consumer needs. Samsung comes with the new infinity design which is gathering attention for obvious reasons as it is the most eye-catching feature of the device. Let us discuss some features of the smartphones and will try to find out, which is the best one in terms of different aspects.

Design to die for

Samsung S8 has an infinite screen design which comes with endless slides and a unique feature in the device regardless of different design elements which are common on both the smartphones. S8 is a bit bigger in size as it comes with 5.8 inches screen compared to 5.7 inches of LG G6. The glass which has been used in S8 is Corning Gorilla 5 which is much more advanced than Gorilla 3 which is used in G6 and has passed many drop tests from different heights.

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The in-camera feature, LG has taken the lead as the front camera of G6 is capable of taking wide-angle pictures and opted for the latest trend of two rear cameras for more sharp and clear pictures. Recently, LG, Apple, and Huawei are the only companies working on this technology. On the other hand, S8 doesn’t have two rear cameras but providing the promising pictures without them. Comparing the pictures taken by both the smartphones, the pictures were taken by G6 were sharper and bright while S8 took charge with mesmerising pictures from the front camera.


S8 is powered by Snapdragon 835 while G6 is with Snapdragon 821, so there is no comparison when we talk about the performance as 835 is more advanced than 821 and Samsung crosses the line leaving LG behind as multitasking, opening different applications, or even working on web-pages were at ease. S8 is backed up by 3,000 mAh which is a talking point as it is considered to be far less than the expectation while G6 is backed up by 3,000 mAh which lasted more than S8 in different tests.

Samsung has gone beyond the limits with the launch of personal voice assistant named Bixby, which is in comparison to Siri. As both the phones works on Android, you can still use Google Assistant which is an inbuilt option. Samsung is also working on the digital payment method in which you can save all your credit and debit cards in your phone and can even use it for the transactions without physically carrying your card. This can be the new revolution but still, there is a long road to travel.

The winner can’t be decided with these features as both have their own fan-following and if you compare them in the price section, S8 is way expensive than that of G6. Both the smartphones come in different variants as they are expandable up to 2 TB of external storage and which is like carrying a whole library. S8 stands out in some of the features but doesn’t leave G6 way behind and if somebody is looking to buy the budget phone with all the advanced features, G6 will be the best choice.