Simple and Fast Tips to Improve Battery Life of Your iPhone

If you have used iPhone for a while now and found that battery life is draining despite being more powerful than any other smartphone, there are some ways to save battery life of your iPhone. Most of us start turning off some features and services and recharge our phone more often. But there are still some tips to save enough juice for your iPhone to last all day long.  

Switch to 3G from 4G

4G is a blessing for smartphones. But it consumes a lot of battery as compared to 3G networks. Luckily, if you are running low on battery and you don’t need fastest internet speeds, we recommend you to disable 4G network on your phone and switch to 3G.

Keep Wi-Fi Off

Wi-Fi is another connectivity feature that saves your data and keeps you connected to the web. But keeping it on all the time makes your phone consuming power to connect to other Wi-Fi networks in your area. To turn off Wi-Fi, just swipe from the bottom, tap Wi-Fi button and disable Wi-Fi.

Stop Background App Refresh

It is a cool and handy feature in iOS to keep apps refreshing when you check them. This way, apps can predict the next time you will check them and these apps will connect to the server just before you open them. But it drains the battery too much as these apps are still running in the background. To disable this feature, go to Background App Refresh under Settings > General and toggle it off.

Disable Siri

Siri always runs in the background by default. She is just active and ready to talk to you but she always uses a bit of battery power in the backdrop. Especially when you don’t use her frequently, she is not that helpful. You can simply turn it on whenever you need it. To turn off “Hey Siri”, toggle the switch behind the Siri to off under Settings > General.

Turn Auto-Brightness On

Your iPhone comes with an ambient light sensor to adjust the screen brightness automatically according to light outside. If you go to the darker places, it turns the backlit darker. When it senses more ambient light, it increases the brightness. It helps save battery and eye strain. Your screen will use less energy when the screen is darker. Simply turn on “Auto Brightness” under Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper. Toggle the Auto Brightness slider on.  

Turn off Motion & Animations

Background Motion is one of the best features of iOS 7. It remains subtle most of the time. But if iPhone is moved and you see the background image and app icons, they can be seen a bit highlighted. It is known as parallax effect which is cool but drains battery life. To enjoy the effect, you can do nothing. When it comes to battery, turn it off.  Simply choose “Reduce Motion” under Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle it on.



All in all, you need to do things that take less battery. It is always better to use less system resources to save battery.