Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Repairs On While You Wait Basis


Did you ever think that humans would envy the very technology they have created? Think about your mobile phones for instance. With the amount of time you spend with your device and considering how dependent you are on it, we are sure your better halves would at times be seething with jealousy. So, when your beloved phone suffers some damage and you are left helpless, you know what that feels like, right?

Now, if you are a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you should be reading this keenly. The most common fault with the device, as per the service centres, is associated with screen damage. The screen of a Galaxy S6 Edge is basically constituted of three parts:-

Top Glass – The Top Glass or the Front Glass is a protective cover of the components below, which are the digitizer and the LCD
Digitizer – The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Digitizer is responsible for its smooth touch
LCD – This is the part, which displays the picture in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Now, our very first instinct in case of damage is to visit the service centre. However, most of us dread that option because of the amount of time taken by the service centres to repair the device. Even under the warranty period, durations for getting it fixed can stretch up to a week.

So, what’s the second-best option? Some would say YouTube videos. The ‘smart hacks’ shown in these videos could perhaps seem like a quick fix. But trust us, without the proper technical know-how, you may end up worsening your situation further.

But what if we could repair your Galaxy S6 Edge LCD within, say, all of 60 minutes? Too good to be true? Well, you better believe it, because that’s what we at ‘While You Wait Repair’ do. To avail of our services, all you have to do is book a repair slot on our website and then head towards our service centre on the same day. We also offer a postal service, where we ensure that your device is repaired and returned on the same day.

But then, is it possible for your device to be repaired in 60 minutes? Will it be too expensive if we are taking that loss of time? Yes, and no. Now, the degree of damage decides the amount of time needed to repair a device. So, while major damages can take up to 4-5 days, other damages can be amended within 60 minutes. We do provide top glass replacement service on your S6 Edge, but replacing just the glass is quite a tedious job, which takes up to 3 hours.

Our experts analyze every problem based on its intensity and accordingly decide on a repair cost and time. So whatever the problem with your device, you will be charged only as per the nature of the damage after our analysts have gone through it thoroughly. Moreover, we offer the best possible deals within your budget so that you get the fairest costing for your device. So fret not, and visit us for the best repair services in town.