Safari 11 – Mac is building on the fastest web browser and it is now official

Apple is working hard to get the throne back which had been with them for more than a decade now. As in the world of computers, Apple is a renowned company which has been known for their flawless transitions between the pages and it is now believed that Safari 11 has been “the world’s fastest desktop browser”. There is a new benchmark set up by the safari which seems to be impossible for others to be around as the tests were conducted between the known brands for the browsers. It was a standout performance by safari between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera as the results were very impressive. There were a number of tests which were conducted using all these browsers and in most of them; the safari was the clear winner with almost double the numbers in terms of the performance.

List of tests conducted

The first test which was conducted was “Ares-6”, it is the benchmark for browsers that use JavaScript-based series to check how well this browser handles the pressure and Safari 11 was the clear winner leaving behind all other browsers that we use on the daily basis. It is quite substantial as there is a lot of hard work conducted by the developers of Apple to make it the fastest browser in the world.

Jetstream – Another JavaScript-based series benchmark which is developed by Web Kit open source project. As Apple has developed its browser on WebKit, there should be no questions to be asked about the performance of Safari in this particular test. It has outgrown the competition with the stability and how fasts it loads multiple pages on the screen.

Kraken – It is another benchmark to prove the worth of the browser and it was officially launched by Mozilla to get a hold on the market. At that time, Mozilla was well-known for the stability and the speed but while conducting the JavaScript- based series, Safari topped the chart even leaving Mozilla behind.

MotionMark – As the name suggests, MotionMark is a graphics-based test which will test the capacity of the browser engaging with the animation. Most of the times, when you open high-end graphics based video, your browser lags behind and while conducting the test, there was a close call between Safari and Chrome but at the end, Safari wins the race. This is another benchmark by WebKit open source project.

Octane – This is the benchmark which was officially launched by the Google to test the browsers but earlier this year, they released an official statement that they have stopped working on the development of the benchmark but still it is available for the testing purposes. The same benchmark was included and still, Safari was on top of the list.

Peacekeeper – No development in the benchmark by the developers but still is available and as usual Safari was topping the list.

Speedometer – It is generally to check the speed of the browser as it gauges the overall performance and how well the quality is maintained after the user interactions in web applications. Chrome comes near in this benchmark but Safari has the slight advantage over the chrome. This should be kept under consideration when you are about to use web applications on your browser and which will be the best option.

WebXPRT – This is the only test in which Safari was beaten by Firefox and this was the test to check the HTML 5 performance of the browser.

After checking the results there should not be the second thought for using Safari and giving more importance to it over other browsers in the market.