Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9

(5 customer reviews)

Same day Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen repairs London.
Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Don’t worry get it fixed at While You Wait Repairs.
Screen replacement can be done within 30 minutes while you wait.
For walk-in service, book an appointment online for hassle-free repair.
For Postal Service: Add repair fault on the cart and proceed for the payment.

  • 30 Days Warranty
  • High Quality Spare Parts
PRICE: £39.99£154.99

5 reviews for Galaxy Note 9

  1. Marsh

    Extremely fast turnaround – I was able to return within a few hours for an Samsung Note 9 screen replacement.
    Would totally recommend, especially at half the price of Samsung approved repairers!
    Staff were polite and straightforward, originally I went to a store that didn’t have the part, they searched London for a store that did and it was only 30mins walk away. They phoned the store to make sure the part was genuinely in stock and I took it there. Really good service.

    • Admin

      Dear Marsh, thank you for your kind words.

  2. Laura

    Great Service these are guys amazing.

  3. Sofia

    Very quick screen replacement for my Galaxy Note 9, no data loss whatsoever so no need to back up (though it’s always good just in case) and they threw in a new tempered glass screen for a £5 instead of £15.

    • Admin

      Thank you, Sofia for your kind words.

  4. Nevile

    Superb service. Never seen like them, great job. Fixed my note 9 screen within an hour when I was there. very affordable price. little hard to find them but worth it.

  5. jim

    nice one

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Product Description

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a great phone in the Android market. It is expensive and vulnerable to repairs just like other smartphones. But there is not much to worry about since you can get it repaired by simply replacing the parts. Some of the most common types of faults are screen damages which come in on a regular basis. There are three parts in the Samsung Galaxy Screen which comprise of Top Glass, the Digitizer, and the LCD. The top glass is a protective layer for the digitizer and the LCD whereas the digitizer is responsible for the smooth touch which makes the phone work wonders. The LCD is an important part as it displays the pictures and all the content on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Top Glass Replacement on Note 9

We provide cracked glass replacement on Galaxy Note 9, however replacing the top glass on Edge series is quite a tedious job and it will take up to 3 hours to get it done for you on while you wait basis.

All these parts can be repaired with ease on while you wait basis. The parts are available in different colours like black, gold, pink gold, white, and silver. But how would you know whether the phone needs repairs or not? Well, if your phone faces the below issues then it needs repair.

  • If the phone has been exposed to water or moisture and it seeps inside.
  • The phone would not switch on at all. In case if this is due to water seepage then do not charge the phone as it may cause further damage.
  • If the phone does not switch on after several attempts and ours of charging.

You can book an appointment with while you wait repairs by calling us and taking an appointment. This way you would not have to leave the phone at our center. You can also send the phone by postal service where your phone will be repaired o the same day as it is received and shipped as well. This may be delayed in case if the parts are not available. The repair time for walk-in is 30 minutes or 45-60 minutes depending on the kind of repairs. Payments can be done by cheque and Paypal as well.

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Additional Information

Repair Faults

LCD Replacement, Complete LCD Replacement, Top Glass Replacement, Rear Glass Repairs, Not Charging, Sim Reader Fault, Power Button Not Working, Battery not working, Camera not working, Not Ringing, Speaker not working, Not powering, Software fault/Software upgrade, Water damaged, Backlight fault, Microphone not working, Charging IC Replacement, Home Button, Volume & Power Button, Wi-fi not working

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