Oops, My OnePlus 3 Got a Crack In Screen

It was a cool and sunny day, and I was hearing a song of Justin Bieber on my mobile phone. What a beautiful lyrics the song has “love you”. Listening to the song using a headphone with my ears and I was so involved in the music that I forget that I have my mobile phone in my hand. Suddenly my mobile phone gets dropped from my hand and fell on the floor.

Oh, my god! What the hell I did it. My OnePlus 3 phone on the floor and I were shocked and also tensed that everything is well or not. So pick up my phone and check it. I found OnePlus 3 screen got cracked from middle and its touchpad is also not responding to my fingers touch.

You can’t imagine what I was feeling when I know that my phone display and touch both are not working properly. It’s a bad feeling.

While You Wait Repairs

Suddenly I remembered a few days ago one of my friends was talking about while you wait repairs. It was something like a repairing centre as my friend was telling me.

So I turned on my laptop and searched the name while you wait repair on Google and I made it. I found while you wait repairs, it was located on Coles green road.

Book a time slot

As I need to book an advance time slot before visiting there. So I click on tab “book my slot”. As I wanted to book a time slot as early as possible. As now time was 10.30 so I book a time slot of 12.00 pm.

I get ready in the next hour and reached their office at sharp 12.00 pm. I handed over my phone to them.

OnePlus 3 cracked screen

As my screen was cracked and the display was also getting blurred and the second problem was that, the screen is not responding to touch. So they advised me to the replacement of LCD screen and digitizer.

Same day OnePlus 3 screen repairs

What I can do now as my phone was not working so I gave them permission to the replacement. A then their technical expert shows their excellence and skills. They do the complete LCD screen replacement within 90 minutes. And I was asked to wait just 10 minutes more. And after 10 minutes I got my OnePlus 3 mobile phone back.


Amazingly, the touch was fine as it was before and the screen was absolutely fine. Both touch and display feature are working very well.


They offer a month warranty on all repaired mobile phone regarding the same issue. But you can choose to take extended warranty for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months by paying some extra cost.

Their location and contact details

Their office is located on Coles Green road in London. Their complete address is AJP Business Centre 152-154, Coles green road, London NW2 7HD. And if you want to get in touch with them on phone call you can call them at their number which is 02084522722.

For sending queries you can ask them for their email id which is support@whileyouwaitrepairs.co.uk

Overall, I would give them 9 out of 10 as their service is very fast and if it comes to technical support I would give them 10 out of 10 as I personally feel that they have very efficient technical staff who can solve almost every issue of your mobile.