OnePlus 5 – A new innovation with a new technology

Things are changing so rapidly in the world of technology and especially in telecommunication that every other smartphone possesses the latest and loaded with most-awaited features. The company OnePlus started as a new venture and successfully embarked its name as a brand and now there are millions who are using their smartphones. With such a successful tour, the company has decided to launch a new product “OnePlus 5” which will come with a dual camera at the back and a design to fall for. The dual camera feature is gaining appreciation which was officially introduced by Apple in their latest smartphone iPhone 7 Plus and now being followed by others as there is a vast difference in the quality of the pictures taken by a single camera and the one which is taken by the dual camera.

Design at its best

There is still no official announcement by the company but there is some leaked photos and news which were uploaded on the internet and are making fans crazy as it looks stunning. It is also expected that the company will officially launch the product in the Indian and Chinese market within the next two months and the picture has been leaked by someone who is working inside the company especially in the development department. The details from the picture made it clear that the design of the phone is quite similar to that of OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 which has a metal frame made up of aluminium with similar rounded edges. Another feature which is quite common is the fingerprint scanner and from the first look of the phone, it seems that it doesn’t have it at the back of the phone which makes it clear that it will be at the front of the phone. There are other certain similarities like the antenna lines which were in OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3, it is also present in OnePlus 5 but it looked totally different from the one as it looks seamless and stunning. It is also expected that the company will launch these smartphones in the darker shades of grey, gold, and black which is quite common in most of the phones.


There are no such software details about the smartphone but it is believed that the phone will be powered up by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 as it is the common processor these days in most of the latest smartphones. As it is an upgrade of OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3, it is expected to have the same or more storage abilities with 6 to 8 GB of RAM which is enough for running high graphic games and even multi-tasking will be at ease. The screen will be 5.5 inches but the resolution of the phone is still a mystery as it can be 1080P which we have all seen in other variants.


With the difference of 5 to 10k, there is a list of smartphones to choose from varying from different companies. It is a talking point as the first smartphone which was launched by the company had all the latest features and maintained the price-point which made it the best-priced smartphone in the market. With all the latest features and technology, there are a number of phones which are available but they come with high price-tag and to compete with them will be a challenge unless there will be the huge difference in the cost of the smartphone. There are a number of people in the society for whom the price doesn’t matter unless they are getting the best technology in their hands but it is quite limited and to target the bigger market, they need to work on the price-point.
According to the company that the smartphone is still under development but they are working hard to deliver it on time.