Know everything about iPhone 6S LCD Screen Digitiser Repair

Smartphones are the most common piece of technology which can be spotted in everyone’s hands. It has become a necessity in today’s world and possessing a brand has become a style statement. You will find humungous options of manufacturers in the market who innovate the best smartphones in today’s times. But what if these smartphones are damaged and need repairs. It is an expensive affair and needs a lot of running around the bush, thanks to the service centres. Let us look at the LCD Screen Digitiser Repair for an iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s is a very popular device and keeps on coming into the service centres for repairs. The main part of any smartphone is the screen. In an iPhone device, there are three parts of the screen i.e.

The front glass which is the protective layer
The Digitiser which helps the phone provide input from touch
The internal LCD where the image is displayed

The LCD Screen Digitiser is a very common fault which is reported at the service centres. If the part is damaged, then it needs a replacement as it cannot be repaired. Since the iPhone 6s comes in many colours and variations; the part should also be compatible with the device. So, it is made available in Gold, Space Grey and Silver colours.
How do you know that your iPhone 6s needs repairs?

You need to analyse the facts so that your iPhone 6s can be repaired on time. This can be gauged by the following points.

a) In case if the screen has a hairline crack or a huge visible crack.
b) The screen is completely shattered.
c) The touch feature is working partially or is completely not responding.
d) The screen is blank and has no picture on it.
e) The screen picture is distorted.
f) You can view horizontal and vertical lines on the screen and the images.

If you see any of the above points you need to get your iPhone 6s repaired for the LCD Screen Digitiser.

Service offered

You can walk-into the service centre and submit your iPhone 6s on the counter. You can wait while you iPhone 6s is being repaired. This will take not more than 30 minutes which is the average ETA given to all. Yes, this is right as work is done on priority here unlike other service centres. The feedbacks received for the previous repairs done show a 100% guarantee for a resolution. You can be rest assured for the services offered. In fact, a 30-day replacement warranty is also provided on the part only if it is not damaged physically or through any kind of liquid. You can make a payment for your order via a bank cheque or a postal one too. You may also use PayPal for the payment. Shipping service is also made available for the customers. They are done through Royal Mail – Economic or Special or even International services. For a postal service, it is done on the same day. However, there are chances for it to get delayed in case if the spare part is not available or if the postal service is not working on that day.
All these services can be done on while you wait basis. However, for any other services related to water damage or device not powering on or off will need some time for proper inspection and a first-time resolution as well. But for an LCD Screen Digitizer repair, they have a prompt service which can be availed at any point in time. Also, it is done at a reasonable rate with quality service to keep the trust intact.