Huawei Honor 8 has slipped out of my hand , now what?


How does it feel when your best buddy gets hurt? That’s exactly how you feel when your best buddy which is always with you in your ups & downs, in your walks, metro rides, helping you to stay connected with your loved one, your buddy with a beautiful screen and working “the mobile phone” gets hurt. You can surely feel the pain, & feel most helpless at that time.

You can most likely not envision a day without your phone. It’s a doom day when your phone gets broken and that too the most delicate part of it the screen. Because now you know it is gonna cost you high and you would need to be away from your phone for around 24hr. And if you are an owner of Huawei Honor 8this is the most important information to read. Because your life is gonna be easier now in case you get your phone screen broken.

Honor 8 screen damage can be understood only if you can know what your phone screen consists of:

1. Top Glass – The Huawei Honor 8 Top Glass or the Front Glass is a protective cover of the components below, which is the digitizer and the LCD
2. Digitizer – The Huawei Honor 8 Digitizer is responsible for its amazing touch.
3. LCD – This is the part, which displays the picture in your Huawei Honor 8

Now, the very thing that comes to our mind when our phone screen gets damaged is to take it to the service centre and get it repaired. But the charge of screen replacement and time service centres take to replace the screen is a lot higher which one can afford. Even, if it’s under warranty, the time taken remains the same.

But we never have second best option to get the screen replacement done on the same best scale. Some would go for trying to repair by themselves “ because on trust himself the most” but with good technical know how the case can get worse. Another thing which one can opt for is the market repair shops which would be use duplicate screens to replace your and there would be no guarantee of their work.

Then what’s the best option which gives you work quality guarantee, in minimum time span? We ‘while you wait for basis’ provide you with Honor 8 Screen Replacement in the minimum time span of you can say 60 min and it’s done. You will need to believe that this is the truth and you can easily avail our service.

One can use this service in case of:
a.When there is a hairline crack on the screen.
b. When there is a wide visible crack on the screen.
c. When the screen is shattered.
d. The touch is partially working or not working at all.
e. There is no picture on the screen.
f. There is the picture on the screen but it is distorted.
g. There are vertical or horizontal distorted lines on the screen.

Honor 8 top glass repair with the digitizer and LCD is done in the case of any above issue is faced by you. To avail our services you just have to simply visit our website and register yourself. Then you need to mention all the details about your phone. Then you are directed to a page where you have to fill in about the damage and you can choose the option of Postal Repair or book a slot of visiting our service centre.

In case, of Postal repair, your phone will be picked from your address and will be made sure to get your phone back to you on the same day. You can visit our service centre in the time slot and can also get your phone repaired without any hassle.

Looks so easy and convenient. Try out our services whenever your phone gets a damage because our repair experts analyze your problem well and charge for the repair as per it. So, you can relax back now and not get feared whenever your phone faces a damage.