Here’s what you must do with a broken iPhone 6s Plus screen


Are you proud of owning your brand new iPhone 6s Plus? Crystal clear finish made using glass and metal. Though it looks and feels great to own an iPhone 6s Plus, it also breaks our heart when we drop it down on the floor and end up with a shattered screen.

Who’s going to help you with the iPhone 6s Plus Touch Screen Replacement?

Or the iPhone 6s Plus LCD Repair?

The most common types of fault that occur with iPhone 6 series are

Damage to the Top Glass – The main protector of the digitizer and LCD screen.
Damage to the Digitizer – the important part which is responsible for the touch of the iPhone.
Damage to the LCD – the crucial part which lets you view images.
Well, the safest option seems to go to a nearby Apple store and get your phone serviced. But do you know it could take almost a week to get it repaired even if your phone was under warranty? It would be impossible to survive without a phone for a week.

Well, few of you would have started watching some YouTube videos just to see how to fix the screen all by yourself. It might look all exciting initially but trust me, leave this job to the professionals. In case due to lack of knowledge you end up damaging the phone further, then there is no one left to blame except you.

How would you react if someone could service your phone in just 30 minutes? Yeah, you heard that right. We at “While You Wait Repair” will service your iPhone 6S Plus and get your phone back to life immediately, same day, same time. All you have to do is register at our website for an appointment and walk into our center to ensure you get the Same Day Mobile Phone Repair offer. Or you could take up the postal service offered by us, with all the necessary details and we will ensure to return the working device as soon as possible.

I know you must be wondering it’s going to be quite expensive and what about major damages to the handset? Can it be really fixed in just 30 minutes?

The answer is, we at “While You Wait Repair” will ensure we charge a fair price based on the genuine spare parts that are going to be replaced. However, “While You Wait Repair” cannot predict the time estimate for major damages, it could range on an average 4-5 days to fix your handset. Our professionals will first analyze the issue, then categorize it as major or minor and then predict the cost and time required for the fix.

If you’re still wondering it’s going to cost a bomb and you’d rather stay mom about it and choose to live with a broken screen, don’t worry. While You Wait Repair knows how precious your phone is, and we understand the pain when we see your phone with a cracked screen. We will ensure that the cost is fair enough and will get the best deals possible at your budget. So next time you hear a friend or a relative complain of a shattered screen on their iPhone 6s Plus do let them know about us. We’d be happy to help them out.iPhone 6s Plus LCD screen Replacement service only at £89.99 and get it fixed within 30 minutes! Hurry ! Book a repair slot now!