Go Red with iPhone 7 and make a style statement

Apple has been one of the top smartphone manufacturers across the globe and there is no denying the fact. iPhone, since launched, has been ruling the world of smartphone and technology. Every year the launch of a new iPhone series instills enthusiasm and thrill in iPhone lovers. The latest one being iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, everyone is hooked to it and quickly after the launch many upgraded to this new series. Although one of the most advanced iPhones compared to the rest of the series, this series has been known for a problem with the charging port.

Something to be bewildered about is the fact that despite the need for charging port repair service, crazy fans have been showing absolute excitement for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in red. The craving for iPhone irrespective of any issue never dies.

iPhone 7 packed with advanced technology

To date iPhone has been accepted in colors like space grey, silver, gold, rose gold, black, and jet black. With the addition of a new member to the color, iPhone is trying to grab the market attention once again for the upcoming iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 already had so much to surprise the users with. With the improved camera functionality and better battery life, the latest iPhone definitely won the hearts of many. The picture quality of the iPhone anyway is impeccable compared to any other smartphone. With iPhone 7, the quality got upgraded to click only the best shots.

Dust-resistant technology was a new inclusion that popped into many eyes and ears. iMessage went through a lot of improvement with advanced animations and communication ability. With all this and so much more, why wouldn’t anyone want to buy an iPhone 7? There is no reason one wouldn’t want to have it.

Red is the new change

After being launched and made available to purchase from online stores starting 24th of Mar, people are seen going head over heels for the new color. It is not the ordinary red. It is the most vibrant red in an aluminum finish that makes the sleek and slim iPhone appear even more gorgeous. One can’t get enough of the iPhone and now this color is the new identity of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The idea of including the color red was to show the partnership of the brand with RED. This is an initiative to create awareness of one of the most deadly diseases HIV/AIDS. The product RED line-up is manufactured in keeping in mind the motive.

The impact

iPhone fans who had already purchased iPhone 7 and 7 Plus might think twice before upgrading to this new color; however, those who have not upgraded yet will have an advantage of this color. Apart from the logo that people like to flaunt about iPhone, now this new color will be the centre of attraction that no one can miss.
Even in the crowd, attract attention towards the chic and unique color of your iPhone. You have one more reason to turn heads towards you.

By buying this model, the buyers will not only upgrade their way of communicating with people but also give a hand in the HIV/Aids awareness campaign that’s happening worldwide with the RED product lineup.
The look, the feel, and the body of red will leave you speechless, and together with you, the world will be speechless. With your first step towards a better world, iPhone 7 promises a healthy world. Join the Readathon of iPhone that one of the biggest steps by iPhone.
This is what mesmerizes everyone about iPhone. There is a story that can melt anyone.