Get your iPhone 6s Plus charging port repaired like never before

Trust me! There can be nothing as annoying as your iPhone 6s Plus charging port not working. How do you get it rectified or changed? Is there a way? Yes! We have got this exclusively for iPhone lovers who want a genuine answer to this problem. Say goodbye to those irritating days when your charging port gives up on you and you eventually give up on iPhone.

There is no denying the fact that iPhone 6s plus is a great device in today’s technology. It has all the features that a smartphone should have. In fact, it is one of the best smartphones and an expensive one too. This tag of expensive devices makes it more vulnerable to be damaged and should be kept well in all possible ways. iPhone 6s plus is a one piece device and has a charging port which can get damaged at any time due to continuous and rigorous usage. Any kind of damage would lead to repairs and you will need to go to a service centre to do so. However getting an iPhone 6s plus repaired is not so easy. The service centre takes a lot of time to get the phone repaired and that too with no backup device provided by them. But before you do it let us look at the reasons when you should visit a service centre for charging port repairs.

a) When the iPhone is not getting charged even after long hours of charging regularly.
b) The pins of the charging unit are broken.
c) You need to adjust the charger every time you keep your iPhone on charging.

All these points will make it sure that your iPhone charging port has issues and you may need to get it repaired.
How do you get it repaired?

You will need to make sure you have a prior appointment for your device repair. This will ensure that the long wait hours are reduced to just 30 minutes flat. Any other kind of repairs takes around 45 – 60 minutes. This is the ideal time taken for a service centre to get your charging port repaired or replaced. However, this is when you walk into a service centre. But what if you do not have the time to do so and wish to get the product be couriered and repaired. Well, this is also possible and the returns happen the same day with an effective timely management for your iPhone 6s plus. All you need to do is ship the iPhone 6s plus via Royal Mail and make a payment by a banker’s check or postal payment or by using a PayPal account. Once your iPhone 6s plus is repaired, it will be couriered the same day or the next day in case if the mail or courier service is not available.
If there is any other damage in the iPhone 6s plus then you need to inform in advance as it may take more time to analyse and identify the problem. Also, the spare part that has been changed in your device holds a 30-day warranty which can be used if the product is not damaged due to any physical abuse or water damage. In case if this will be the case then the warranty will be void and the wait time to repair the product will also be long and not on while you wait basis. So, get your iPhone 6s Plus repaired with the service centre without keeping yourself away from the technology world for a longer time.

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