Asus ROG sets to Lock Horns with Razer Gaming Smartphone

It has been a while that Razer has been ruling the gaming industry in terms of the Smartphone but Asus is ready to lock the horns. The Asus ROG phone has everything a gamer could want which includes AeroActive cooler, AirTriggers, and an overclocked Snapdragon. It is the most awaited phone which is ready to take the title of the best gaming phone in the industry. The company itself describes it as a game-changing Smartphone which is a result of their hard work as they have been working on it since early 2013. Almost after 4 years, Asus announced it at Computex 2018 with the Asus ROG Strix Scar 2 gaming laptop.
Design & Build made for Gamers
It has been years that we have been using the pretty stagnant and boring designed gaming Smartphone but that is not the case here. The build and the design are quite eccentric and unconventional as it has a sleek and stealthy square black. It will surely catch your eye as there are unusual shapes everywhere from the glass around the camera to the fingerprint scanner. Then there’s the fairly large lump on the side, complete with exposed copper, which is matched on the front for the stereo speakers. As it is quite unique, hence you have to get used to the design of the gaming Smartphone which depends on your personal preferences.

GameCool 3D Vapor Chamber
There is a game cool 3D vapor Chamber which helps to cool the device along with a copper heat spreader meant to 47 percent improved CPU cooling efficiency. There are also copper vents on the back of the Smartphone which are the air vents.

AeroActive Cooler
The ROG got his own AeroActive cooler that comes in the box. This has a fan and clips onto the phone which might look a bit ugly with custom USB on the side. Not only does it add a controllable fan, but USB-C and headphone ports so you can stay plugged in without the cabled getting in your way while landscape gaming. That’s a pretty neat idea and it’s also got a light-up logo. Also hidden is a set of ‘ultrasonic AirTriggers touch sensors’. Two of these are used for shoulder buttons when landscape gaming while the other is used likes the HTC U12 or Pixel 2 XL so you can squeeze the phone when in regular orientation.

Specifications & Features
When it comes to the specifications & features of the ROG, it gets serious as most of the features look like they belong on a laptop spec sheet. It is considered to be the highest spec Smartphone of all time.

As a gamer, we all want a big screen and 6 inches makes sense as we don’t want to lose out in the important battle. Asus has gone for a different approach to Razer. So instead of a 120Hz LCD panel, the ROG Phone has a 90Hz AMOLED display with a 1ms response time. Which is better is debatable, but during our hands-on, it was silky smooth. It’s worth noting that the refresh rate is set to 60Hz by default. It has a full HD with 18:9 aspect ratio which is considered to be on the lower side compared to Razer but it looks crispy and might help some games run better.
Processor, Memory, and Storage
When it comes to the core specifications, ROG distinguish itself as for the starters, it has the fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Asus says this has been ‘speed-binned’ to 2.96GHz – it’s normally 2.8GHz. In the software, you can even choose what clock speed you want in certain apps. It is powered up by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. As there are some rumors that there is a special version which comes with a whopping 512 GB of internal memory but it is still unavailable in the UK for sale.
The ROG Phone does have dual rear cameras, though, at 12Mp and 8Mp. It appears to be the same setup as the ZenFone 5 with the secondary camera offering a wide 120-degree view. At the front is a fairly standard 8Mp camera.
Asus has confirmed the £799/$899 price tag and you can now order the ROG Phone in the UK. It was released on 14 December and is also available on Amazon.