All you need to know about Netflix HDR streaming in LG G6

Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have been fighting hard to prove their worth in the technological world and seem like G6 is getting the edge by the introduction of Netflix’s HDR streaming. It is limited to mobile HDR premium and full vision displays to those premium series which have been recorded in HDR 10 or Dolby Vision formats. It is a great new for all G6 users as it is the first phone which has been given the privilege and listed G6 as the first phone to be certified for HDR streaming.

The application has already been rolled out in the market and it is 5.0 version which covers all the advanced options. G6 is one of the few phones from the list but the interesting part is, some of the Galaxy S8 users are also getting the same HDR streaming sign while playing the movies and shows on Netflix. It is strange as S8 is not yet listed by the company and the users are delighted to see the HDR sign next to the movies. The same information was shared with the company and they commented on the matter, “This is indeed an issue on our side which we are actively working on fixing. While the HDR badge shows in the UI for the S8, the device does not stream HDR content.”

As described by the company that it was a loophole and they are actively working on fixing the matter which means, Galaxy S8 users still have to wait a little longer than expected for the HDR streaming. It feels that LG have some close relations with NETFLIX and choosing them as a first listed phone for the premium services is a point won by LG. Other users, who are using the premium Netflix subscription can still enjoy 4 different screens and HDR streaming which comes with the enhanced color palette. On the other hand, LG G6 users can simply go to their google play store and update their application to the latest version and they will start enjoying the HDR streaming.

There are number of shows or series which you can watch in HDR or Dolby Vision
Iron Fist
Samurai Gourmet
Cosmis Laundromat
Chefs Table Season 3 only
Santa Claira Diet
Luke Cage
Knights of Sidonia 2 Seasons Anime
Jessica Jones
Daredevil season 1 and 2
The OA
Hibana Spark
Chefs Table France
Marco Polo season 1
The Do-Over
The Ridiculous
Marco Polo season 2
Marco Polo: One hundred eyes
As LG is the first company to announce the services received from Netflix, it is very much expected that the company will pass on the services to other high-end models like LG G4C. It is the smartphone which has all the attributes to welcome the services and one of the latest smartphones from the company. It is quite exciting as previously we stuck to our TV or to NVIDIA’s shield set-up box but now it is a world of portability and one can enjoy the same set of pixel configuration on their new G6 while carrying it in your pocket. Samsung must be fighting hard to get the same privileges as received by the other company but it seems they need to wait a bit long. Android is the first platform to launch the services and there is no update about the iOS as there are other millions of iOS devices users who want to be in the same category.