7 Upcoming Smartphones That You Might Want to Wait For

The new revolution in the 21st century is Smartphone and no one can deny the fact. People use the smartphone more than they use anything else. It has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Why not? After all, it has everything that can entertain you and keep you updated at the same time. Well, there are fans and buffs of smartphone that wait for that time of the year when smartphones changed the way last year looked. Every year, new launches from the favorite brands make the wait, worth it.
There can’t be a better time than the start of the new year when get has bonus and incentive. You want to save every penny in buying your favorite smartphone. If you are equally curious for the year 2019, we have some of the best smartphones coming your way. There are many phone launches this year; however, we have curated a list of 7 that you can’t take a chance with. Continue reading to know about those seven smartphones that will slide through your pocket this year.
P30 Pro (Huawei)
With all the new innovations that will be put to use, Huawei’s P30 Pro will make a grand entry this year. It is likely to come with Mate 20 Pro’s Kirin 980 coupled with other features such as headphone jack and screen not straight but a curved one. The announcement will take place at the popular MWC in February. If not, there will be another launch event that will be Huawei specific. The screen notch may be the star with its waterdrop style. The wait will be worth it if Huawei is on the priority list.
Galaxy X (Samsung)
If there is a brand that rules the smartphone and gadget world, it has to be Samsung without a doubt. The brand has shown its creativity each year with its new launch. When the curtain unveils this year, you will have Samsung Galaxy X waiting to surprise you. The unique selling point of this launch is the folding ability. Yes, you heard it right. You can easily fold Galaxy X which is a come back of the retro style. This will also ensure that your pocket fits the size of the phone. The operating system is Samsung OneUI with 7.3 inches screen.
Galaxy S10 (Samsung)
The wait doesn’t stop with Galaxy X. You have more coming your way. Hold your breath. Galaxy S10 will be the tenth to launch in the series. This is fascinating for sure. Another interesting rumor about this smartphone is the variants it may come with. The four variants are likely to be S10 Standard, S10 E, S10 + and 5G. The choice won’t be easy as they will come with similar features but upgrades that may differentiate one variant from one another.
Mi 9 (Xiaomi)
A brand that has marked its presence in the field of Smartphones is Xiaomi. Initially, it was not a name that everyone knew. The picture has changed drastically. It has entered the market with a lot to offer and lure. Entering the UK’s market this year will be Mi 9. The latest Snapdragon 855 will be the operating system with a fingerprint sensor that will be in display. The primary camera is 48MP. This is quite a number. People on the go and who love to click moments will find this smartphone a must buy.
OnePlus 7
The smartphone model OnePlus 7 won’t be available instantly in a month or two but the mid of the year. The brand is already famous for the impeccable picture quality it has. Let us wait and watch to see if the same or better quality is on the offer this year. With the latest Snapdragon 855, this smartphone is also likely to be a buy worth spending on.
Not sure what is going to be the next model in the display, fans can expect a few fantastic variants this year. No matter what the name may be, fans are eager about iPhone launch every year in the month of September. The launch is an event now that the world knows of.
Pixel 4 (Google)
Technology Giant Google will not cease from mesmerizing the smartphone users. Google Pixel 4 is what you can expect this year. The processor will be the none other than the latest Android 10 Q. Another variant of the model may be Pixel 4 XL. There are also rumors that the screen display is going to be a bigger in size than the rest of the models in the past.
Are you willing to wait or jump on the bandwagon? The suggestion would be to wait for the launches and make the final call. Each of the seven phones is going to be the best buy. The choice is yours.