5 Hidden Features Of Galaxy Note 10 Plus

All you need to know about the features of Galaxy note 10 plus

The Galaxy note 10 plus of Samsung is one of the devices which has got amazing features. Samsung has managed to gather loyal followers and customers across the globe by putting out some of the amazing models of the series, and the Galaxy Note 10 plus is one of them. Are you wondering about the features of the device? Then, you have landed at the right place. Here is a guide that can help readers know completely about the features of the galaxy note 10 plus.  

  1. Raise to wake your phone up:

Waking your phone up with the use of a button is a real struggle. This is quite laborious. But this device can help you deal with the plight by bringing all of a new feature to you. The feature name is “lift to wake”. With the help of this feature, you can have all your pending and unseen notification right away, and you can use your phone without having to wake it up as soon as you lift your phone.

  • Can keep your display on always:

This is one of the most amazing features where people can keep their display always on. This is an out-of-the-box feature which is quite relevant for use as well. Go to the settings and then go to the lock screen setting. You will find an Always-on display option. Turn it on. On lifting the phone, you can have the display on.

  • Use voice to get your phone restarted:

All the devices have the normal method of getting the phone restarted, which is through the power button. But with the use of this device, users can restart their device by using their voice. All you need to do is to launch Bixby and give a command “restart my phone”. After this, you will have to confirm your command, and that’s all. This can help you restart your phone whenever you want without going through the difficulty of using the power button or to the settings.

  • Screen recording:

You can record your screen and the voice recording as well by using the microphone and the audio system. You can even avoid audio if you wish to. You will completely fall in love with the quality of the screen recording. There is a list of quick settings like a drawing tool and even selfie feature which can take your experience of taking a screenshot to another level.

  • Better screenshot facilities:

A better screenshot is a common wish for all the users. You can even take the exact screenshot of what you want by the feature of a smart select lecture. With the removal of the S pen, you will be offered with a series of options. You will have to select the smart select option. You can sue the crop tool using the toolbar which is there at the bottom of the screen. Thus, this can help you take a square or a rectangle screenshot as per your preference.

Hence, there is a lot of features to learn. There are plenty of tricks which can be tactfully used to know and enjoy features which are worth sharing. Thus, if you are willing to take your experience to a hole of a hierarchically upper level, then you can choose Galaxy Note 10 plus as your device.

There are plenty of features in many other devices as well, but these hidden features of these devices make it quite clear that this device is meant for exceptional user experience. Going through the guide, you might have known about all the hidden features of the device. Hence, this can help users as a hack to use the device more conveniently.