Why is One Plus 6 the most Impressive Smart Phone?

Smartphones have changed the face of humans connecting with each other. Previously we used to meet and greet people personally, but now we only message them and speak on video calls. This has both positive and negative sides to it. But, we are not here to discuss the positives and negatives of the technology in today’s times. We are here to discuss more the revolutionary One Plus 6. It has been the most amazing smartphone ever and that too in a decent budget category as compared to its rivals in the market who charge a bomb for such or even lower features. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the review of One Plus 6.
The Pros and Cons
Starting with a comparison about the phone with its rivals, the phone is very good looking and has a style statement for its users. It is much cheap compared to the budget in the smartphone category. Camera performance is to die for and it gets better with each version of One Plus. The overall performance rocks as usual with the great memory and RAM capacity. The only negative seen so far is the battery as it is lower in performance from its earlier version i.e. One Plus 5T.
The Highlights
It comes with an octa-core 2.8 GHz processor powered by Snapdragon 845. It has got immense power to process any information at the fingertips without dipping the performance. And with its three options of storage space, it is a great phone to get into the league to the best smartphone giants. You would be amazed by the screen quality and with the 19:9 screen size it is just perfect for any user. The Android Oreo 8.1 version is to die for and has a great throwback time for every quick user.
The Design
If you compare it with the older version of One Plus 5T, you would first see that the 6 inches have grown to 6.3 inches which is a little over the top for compact users. This would not seem to be much of a difference, but it is not something that can be pocketed easily. Also, the thickness of the phone has also increased which is again a cause of concern for many users. The phone is sandwiched between the Gorilla Glass 5 which helps in better protection of the phone from drops or scratches. But the makers say it is water and dust resistant and can be used in a rough and tough manner daily. But this is not the case for many users and is again debatable but to some extent only.
The volume rocker and sim slot are on the left along with the alert slider which is the USP of One Plus. The power button is on the right and the charger and headphone jack is at the bottom of the phone. It has three different colors and looks just amazing.
The Battery Life and Performance
The performance of One Plus 6 is no doubt the best in its class. You can compare it with the Samsung S9 and Sony Xperia XZ2. The Geek Test determines that it is one of the most exquisite pieces of technology ever built. The battery is at 3300 mAh which is the same as the last years One Plus 5T. But it did not last for more than 17 hours and 18 minutes in the video rundown test that is about 2 hours less as compared to the earlier model. But it is expected to last for about a day and a half with a single charge which is good in its genre.