Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge problems and solutions..


With a very loud entry in the smartphone world, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge certainly had eyes to perform and gain popularity much more than its ancestors. However within a short span of time hue and cry was noticed for several Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge repairs. It accepted varied reviews from users all across the world. Major problems that surfaced with this handset were screen blackout, inability to be heard or to hear over a call, the lost menu button, absence of a download booster, water damage, slower or sometimes failed camera etc.

Various workarounds are available to address such concerns of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge repairs. The screen of Galaxy S7 Edge has been observed to stay off while the capacitive buttons easily lighted up to wake the phone. It’s quite annoying to see the screen off especially if you have some urgent work. In such a case, the phone can be hard-reset by pressing the power key for up to seven seconds until the phone goes off and then power it back on. This usually works, however, to eliminate the problem completely, one can go to Settings → Device → Lock screen → Additional information and turn it off. It is also observed that Smart remote app when turned off eliminates this issue. Also, ensure that Settings → Accessibility → Vision → Dark screen is turned off.

The very common issue with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is it’s screen, and glass can be easy gets damaged. It is quite a tedious job to replace just the glass on Galaxy S7 Edge
as it may damage the internal LCD , which will cost you £250 approx. But While You Wait Repairs can do just the top glass replacement on Galaxy S7 Edge only at £119.99.

Most of the audio calls related issues can be rectified by restarting the phone. Als, make sure that the microphone is not obstructed by anything. To be sure, blow around it. Also if a Bluetooth device is configured within range, switch it to forget paired devices.

The menu button which is surprisingly missing can be used by long pressing the Multitasking button. Users have also noticed a lag between different actions such as loading an app or exiting an app, delays in unlocking the phone, and even while typing. A major reason for lag can be the fancy animations. To turn these off go to Settings → Lock screen → Unlock effect and then simply set it to ‘None’. Also, go to Home screen settings → Transition effect → None to turn off transition effects. Data sync in the background can also be a reason for the delays. It can be turned off by going to Settings → Accounts. Otherwise simply turn it off by changing the default settings of individual apps in the menus.

In order to improve the camera, the Picture stabilisation feature can be turned off so that the camera doesn’t take forever to click a picture. If and when a warning sign appears that says camera failed, restarting the phone usually helps.

Stay tuned for more updates and solutions to problems with Galaxy S7 Edge.