Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Same day Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen repairs London.
Faulty Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ? Don’t worry get it fixed at While You Wait Repairs.
Screen replacement can be done within 30 minutes while you wait.
For walk-in service , book an appointment online for hassle free repair.
For Postal Service: Add repair fault on the cart and proceed for the payment.

PRICE: £29.99£184.99


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Product Description

One of the best smartphones that people like to have is Samsung S6 Edge for the look and touch it gives to the users. The only fault that one may encounter is the screen repair. The Samsung 6S Edge Plus has three screen layers; the top layer, digitizer, and the LCD. At While You Wait Repairs, we cater to all the three parts and give you an excellent service.

Top Glass Replacement on S6 Edge Plus

We provide cracked glass replacement on Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, however replacing top glass on Edge series is quite a tedious job and it will take upto 3 hours to get it done for you on while you wait basis.

Top Glass or layer is the protector of the other two layers which are digitizer and LCD. The Digitizer enhances the touch of the smartphone while the LCD is what displays the picture vibrant and beautiful.

If you are looking to repair only the LCD, we do it for only 199.99 pounds. This can be done on while you wait basis that is it would take a maximum time of 30 minutes. For any other repair that you choose, the estimated turnaround time will be 45 to 60 minutes as the issue can be critical.

We have the reputation of being one of the best in the market of the UK serving smartphone users for long. The replacement part that we use is brand new. The repair services are available for different colours of Samsung S6 Edge, Black sapphire, Green Emerald, Gold Platinum, and White Pearl. We believe in improving through feedback and therefore we maintain 100 % feedback policy. For more information on feedback, you can check eBay feedback.

You can choose any of the payment options; Paypal, Cheque, Bank transfer or postal service. You can also ship the products to be sent to us through Royal Mail, Economic, Special or International one. We assure 30 days warranty on every repair which is subject to no physical or liquid damage.

We ensure of same day delivery unless there is a delay in the postal service or unavailability of the parts we use. Almost all the repairs are done on “while you wait” basis except a few that needs more inspection and scrutiny.

For the best service for your favorite Samsung S6 Edge, do get in touch.


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Additional Information

Repair Faults

LCD Replacement, Complete LCD Replacement, Top Glass Replacement, Rear Glass Repairs, Not Charging, Sim Reader Fault, Power Button Not Working, Battery not working, Camera not working, Not Ringing, Speaker not working, Not powering, Software fault/Software upgrade, Water damaged, Backlight fault, Microphone not working, Charging IC Replacement, Home Button, Volume & Power Button, Wi-fi not working

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