Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repairs London United Kingdom(UK)

Replacement part used : New
Repairs available for coloursWhite Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Green Emerald
Service Description : Read in the “Faults related description” tab below
Feedback from eBay: We maintain a 100% feedback, check it out in the eBay Feedback tab below
Payment Option : Cheque (Bank or Postal), Paypal
Shipping Option : Royal Mail – Economic, Special, International
Warranty : 30 days warranty (Subject to No Physical or Liquid Damage)
Avg Repair Time (Postal Repairs) : Same Day Return, but could be delayed due to unavailability of spare parts or due to postal service

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While You Wait Repairs has been claimed to the best in the service for the repairs of Samsung S6 Edge and there is no iota of doubt about it. Mainly the screen of the Samsung S6 Edge acts weird at times for any of the reasons. The Top glass is cracked, the digitizer has stopped sensing your touch or the LCD has stopped displaying. We have solutions to all these problems while you wait.

Give us 30 minutes and we give a brand new LCD to your faulty LCD screen. For any other repair but LCD, the ETA might vary from 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the criticality of the fault.

Top Glass Replacement on S6 Edge

We provide cracked glass replacement on Galaxy S6 Edge, however replacing top glass on Edge series is quite a tedious job and it will take upto 3 hours to get it done for you on while you wait basis.

The replacement is done with the brand new part without any scope of refurbished or used one. The colours for which the repairs are done are White Pearl, Green Emerald, Gold Platinum, and Black Sapphire. We believe in improvement every single day and therefore give importance to feedback from our customers.

Payments options

  • Bank Transfer
  • Postal Service
  • Paypal
  • Cheque

Shipment option

  • Royal Mail which can be Economic, Special or International


30 days warranty for every repair unless there has been no instance of liquid or physical damage.


We try our best to deliver the product to you in one day if you have chosen for postal service. In case there is a delay in postal service or parts not available, the time may increase by a day.

The LCD replacement cost at our center is 184.99 pounds and for other repairs too, the charges will be as nominal as this. For the best repair services for your Samsung S6 Edge top glass, digitizer, or LCD, get in touch today.

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Water damaged

We repair or replace the part(s) that have been damaged due to water damage. Please note that the charge you pay for this repair service includes only the service engineers charge, the charge for the part(s) that would be replaced would be charged extra.

You should use this service when

a. The Phone has suffered an ingress of water/moisture.
b. The Phone would not power on. (Please do not try to charge the handset, if you are sure it is water damaged, as it may make the damage severe)
c. The Phone can be dead.
d. You can see the water/moisture logged in the phone.
e. With Water damage there can be many more scenarios, please call or email us to know more

Not Powering

We repair or replace the part(s) that have been damaged considering your phone is not powering on. Please note that the charge you pay for this repair service includes only the service engineers charge, the charge for the part(s) that would be replaced would be charged extra.

You should use this service when

a. The phone does not power on, even after repeated attempts.
b. The phone does not power on, even after hours of charging.


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How to handle shipping?


Print the invoice, that you have receieved in your inbox.


Remove any and all memory cards.


Put faulty mobile phone device in a jiffy bag


Send the parcel to us.


We initiate repairs and complete it same day, except for cases like water damage and device not powering.


We send the repaired mobile phone / tablet / iPad / iPod the same day, through the delivery option you had chosen.

At While You Wait Repairs, we have put in a lot of thought on shipping, whether it is,
As a policy and practice, we like to take the assistance of our country’s postal service, which is the Royal Mail.

Why Royal Mail and no other courier service?

With Royal mail there are a lot of advantages let alone the convenience of sending and receiving parcels.
Royal mail offers a transit insurance. According to recent figures, any mobile phone from any major brand costs in between £250 to £600. Considering the same, we need to keep in mind, that any accidental mishap happening during their transit is sure to burn a hole in our pockets.
Royal Mail offers a transit insurance up to £500, when you choose special delivery, which can let you be in peace that your device is in safe hands.


At While You Wait Repairs, we provide a standard 30 days warranty on all our repairs and replacements subject to no physical or liquid damage.

When is the warranty void?

  1. The warranty is void if and when we have not been able to check the repair-replacement process considering your mobile phone device was locked with a password.
  2. The warranty is void incase of LCD/Top Glass/Front Glass/ Complete LCD Replacement if it is found the damage to the screen is due to mishandling or any scneraio where abbrassions/cracks of any kind are caused due to pocket keys, pens or any other item which may be responsible to cause the same.
  3. The warranty is void if the fault which has occured is due to some other fault which pre-existed repair replacement process and was not announced or communicated at the time of submission or sending the faulty handset.
  4. Any mishap caused due to the postal process or in general during the transit mechanism.
  5. Any forced software activity such as jailbreaking, rooting of device or due to any or all apps which were not certified by manufacturing companies and are not available in their respective app stores.
  6. Loss of original invoice.

How to avail the warranty?

  1. Please send your faulty device/handset to us along with a hard copy of your invoice in a jiffy bag to us.