Moto Nexus 6

Moto Nexus 6

Same day Moto Nexus 6 screen repairs London.
Faulty Moto Nexus 6 ? Don’t worry get it fixed at While You Wait Repairs.
Screen replacement can be done within 30 minutes while you wait.
For walk-in service , book an appointment online for hassle free repair.
For Postal Service: Add repair fault on the cart and proceed for the payment.

  • 30 Days Warranty
  • High Quality Spare Parts
PRICE: £29.99£159.99


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Product Description

Moto Nexus 6 screen repair comes as a shock for all the users. It is a phone with excellent features to use that makes it one of the most selling smartphones. However, what beats this phone is the screen issue that is quite common.

While You Wait Repairs is a name trusted for 100 % customer satisfaction and genuine products and parts used. The name of the repair center says it all that while you are waiting, you can get the screen repaired. It takes hardly 30 minutes if it an LCD replacement. The charge for LCD replacement service is 159.99 pounds while other services are subject to the severity of the issue. On top of that, other services may take 45 minutes to 60 minutes for the complete repair.

If you are in the UK and looking for the best service center for screen repair of Moto Nexus 6, While You Wait Repairs is the answer. We have been serving the country for long and have been successful in delivering only quality since then. We repair screens of Nexus 6 that are Midnight Blue in colour or Cloud White. Don’t worry about the assurance. Our in-house experts are trained to be subject matter expert and nothing less than that. Screen repair is their forte.

Payment options that you can choose from

* You can pay by cheque

* You can pay by bank transfer

* You can also pay through Postal order or Paypal

The Shipping options

* Economic Royal Mail

* Special Royal Mail

* International Royal Mail


Every replaced part will have a warranty of 30 days unless there has been any liquid or physical damage.

The customer service and quality of service of While You Wait Repairs are reputed and trusted. You can also book your slot from our website that gives you the convenience of choosing your preferred time after checking your schedule.

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Additional Information

Repair Faults

LCD Replacement, Complete LCD Replacement, Top Glass Replacement, Rear Glass Repairs, Not Charging, Sim Reader Fault, Power Button Not Working, Battery not working, Camera not working, Not Ringing, Speaker not working, Not powering, Software fault/Software upgrade, Water damaged, Backlight fault, Microphone not working, Charging IC Replacement, Home Button, Volume & Power Button, Wi-fi not working