HomePod 2 Release Date

The first version of HomePod had a lot to deal with as it costed almost double of what its rivals had to offer, and it also left white marks on the wooden surface as well. But despite of all such negatives, the HomePod managed to get a great launch and mileage from the media. It had disputable conflicts about its sound quality and the rave reviews but it still managed to get a decent sale on the counter. Just like all the other products of Apple, HomePod too is expected to get a revamp to please the users in the months to come. So, let us explore the features, price and the release date of the HomePod 2.
Date of Release
The official launch of HomePod was done in Feb 2018 despite of its announcement in June 2017 at the WWDC. Therefore, you may not expect it at least until end of 2018. Apple never had or still has a fixed yearly release of the products and its enhancements making all the users ponder upon what is next up the sleeve for Apple. However, we are still expecting to hear something about the release of HomePod 2.
Just like all the other products of Apple the HomePod is also expected to show up anytime soon in the second half of the year. Usually, Apple has three release windows of which only September is in the second half of the year. So, we may hear something about the HomePod 2 when they launch a new iPhone at that time. But until then keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best to arrive.
A Quick Look on the Features
There is no doubt about the HomePod being one of the best speakers in its genre. But with it being integrated with Siri, the odds are quite different. The rivals such as Google Assistant and Alexa Voice are far better as compared to Siri. So, the focus is expected to be on Siri and its voice commands. It is a pity that the HomePod cannot align with the different accounts at one go and make it less likely to be used by a family. You would want the HomePod to listed to your child’s command with limited availability like playing songs and then at the same time recognize your voice to adhere to the commands. But unfortunately, the HomePod is not smart enough to do so.
This could be an added feature for the HomePod versions as it could make the product more interactive. It is known that such features make the product more user-friendly to use and improves its productivity among users. The prerelease version did mention the FaceID but that did not come in the original launch version. So, rumors are expected to have this in the next version. But despite such added features, the price would be reasonable as per the rumors. Let us look at it in detail.
Price of HomePod 2
The very first version had $349 as the cost which is expected to stay as is in the new version. But with the, aiwanese reports it is rumored to be half the cost of the current model and be released at $150-$160. This could be possible due to the low response of the current model and to take the market by storm.
All this could make the HomePod 2 a much-used product of the future. The brand value also matters a lot and you should not miss out on that. Features is something that would keep on changing with the ever-evolving technology. So, stay glued and wait for the new HomePod 2 in the months to come.