Take these steps before giving your mobile phone to repair centers

Mobile phones are, after all, technology made machines that let you perform tasks to a certain circumscribing limit. But after that limit, certain mobile phones of all brands start responding exactly opposite the user wants to. So, indirectly, it wants certain changes in its interior, or ulterior configuration can only be cited by the agencies […]

Phone repair myths one should always avoid

Smartphone has become an integral part of modern day lifestyle. People don’t just passionately buy new phones, but also want to stay updated with the latest arrivals. There remains a lot of confusion among people on when to replace the existing phone with a new one. In general, people these days start thinking about having […]

Top Reasons to Buy Amazon Kindle 2019

Kindle for all Your Reading Habits Have you always been inclined towards reading books and spending your quality ME time? If so, then you must already have invested into one of the e-reading devices that are available in the market. The first ever e-reading device introduced by Sony and named it as Librie in the […]

Confused Between Huawei P30 Pro or Huawei P30? Here’s a Comparison

Huawei had created a wave of news after it launched P20. The brand has already marked a niche by giving P series to the smartphone world and its consumers. Now comes the P30 in the line of launch. The speciality of the series of phones is the camera feature. It is known to have the […]
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